Saturday, 6 May 2017

Northumberland Local Election results in detail in all wards - thank you to everyone who came out and voted

Full details here:
The end of a long campaign, and a time for real change locally. Everyone who stands deserves credit, because elections are a difficult thing: it takes courage to stand, to get out on the doorstep, to pound the streets, and occasionally meet people who disagree with you, sometimes robustly. But all candidates, of every persuasion are volunteers wanting to improve their patch. Credit to them all and I wish them a great weekend of recovery, sleep, time with families (who are very understanding) and enjoyment of the responsibility of public office. It is a special thing to be asked to represent people, including those who did not vote for you. I am proud of all our councillors. They will do well.

It is not right or fair to pick out any specific winners, as everyone did well, but I am particularly pleased that we have two new stars in our 2 Prudhoe Conservative County councillors. Ken Stow is well known in the town and has long campaigned for a better deal for Prudhoe; in his own words, he recently decided to stop talking, and get involved in the elections, put himself forward and see if he could make a difference.
And Gordon Stewart, who runs the Prudhoe matters Facebook site has been working for over a year making things happen in Prudhoe, even though he was not the councillor. I have spent a lot of the last 6 months meeting people in Prudhoe making he case that Gordon is the man who is going to help improve West Wylam. He will not let them down; he is a soft c conservative, and a man of great energy and commitment who gets things done. He will do a lot more now he is actually the councillor.

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