Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thank you to the IEA - intensive Q+A session on prison reform yesterday

Fascinating evening last night where I gacve a 20 m inute speech on the next steps for prison reform, and faced an intensive grilling from over 30 experts at a dinner in westminster.
Everyone from prison governors to ex-prisoners, police officers, economists and academics were there.
Good to discuss the proposals for academy prisons, prisons run by charities or faith based organisations + the idea that a prisoner has the choice of prison he or she goes, based upon the best possible outcome for rehabilitation. Now that would be a brave new world but we have done this in education, so I see no reason why the prinicple, in theory, at least, cannot be extended. A tiring but very interesting evening.

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  1. After watching Huw Fearnley Whittingstall's programme Scandimania the other day, I felt myself questioning our system. Norway's prisoners are kept on an Island, free to roam, not locked in cells, but their reoffending rate is just 16% compared to our 50%. Even the mass murderer, Anders Brevik will only do a maximum 21 years, which I feel is not enough. If what we are doing is not working, and working as a Police Officer for 30 years I can tell you it isn't, we see the same offenders a hundred times over & more so we need a change.


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