Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Racing Revival in Tynedale:Knockara Beau leads the way + Tynedale P2P on March 2nd

As a former jockey I am delighted to see local racehorse trainers doing well again. Details of my last winning effort at the Tynedale Point to Point, as set out in the pictures above, are set out here: http://guyopperman.blogspot.co.uk/2009/03/tynedale-point-to-point.html
Just here in Tynedale we have Willie Amos at Rochester, who had a double at Sedgefield very recently, and the Charltons at Stocksfield, who have brought down Big Bucks and are now on course for further Cheltenham Glory. All of us will be cheering on Knockara Beau at Cheltenham - with many of the Hexham Bookies praying he does not power up the hill again, like when he defeated Big Bucks! Full story of that here: http://www.racingpost.com/news/horse-racing/cheltenham-shock-as-big-bucks-beaten-by-knockara-beau/1598310/#newsArchiveTabs=last7DaysNews

My old Trainer Tim Reed continues to train successfully just down from Housesteads on Hadrians Wall, and when I get back to fitness, and a bit closer to jockey weight, I will be back riding out there. In addition, there are many other local trainers, particularly of Point To Points, who should be supported.
If you have not been to a point to point you must go.
They are exciting, full of thrills and spills, and fun for all the family.
I shall definitely be racing on Sunday March 2nd at the Tynedale Point to Point - just 3 miles north of Corbridge. I rode my last winner there and will one day ride another one. But until then I shall be an enthusiastic spectator.
Details on how to get to the point to point here: http://www.corbridgeraces.co.uk/

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