Saturday, 3 November 2012

Antartic Debate and the Future of the British Overseas Territories

Yesterday parliament debated the proposed Antartic Bill, which would provide enhanced environmental protection, and greater support for the British Antartic Territory. This comes at an important time for our British Overseas Territories:
- In June there was publication of the Overseas Territories White Paper, which the House of Commons hopes to debate quite soon. Its by line is "Security, Success and Sustainability."
- In the spring the Falkland Islands will be holding its referendum in line with the UN Resolution 1514 which holds that "All peoples have the right to self determination". I am certain that the Falkland Islands will overwhelmingly want to remain British.
For more details on yesterdays debate the full transcript is on the website democracy live or they work for you
For more details on the tragedy that was Scott's ill fated expedition 100 years ago then have a read here;

It is worth noting that the amazing work of the British Antartic Survey has continued the vital scientific work that was part of the Scott expedition. For my part I felt like captain Oates yesterday as the speakers in front of me went on "for a very long time".

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