Sunday, 4 November 2012

4 huge jobs will be decided shortly

US President, Leader of China, head of the Bank of England and Archbishop of Canterbury all to be decided shortly.
First up is Tuesdays Presidential Election - my money is still on Obama to win more easily than people think. True, he appears to have lost Florida, but his hold on the mid west in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Michigan will see him home.
On Thursday China holds its once in a decade leadership summit. The new Central Committee will decide the direction of the country, which is clearly going to take over from the USA as the global emphasis of superpower moves east.
Shortly thereafter we have two key appointments - the new head of the Bank of England is a key job for us as Sir Mervyn King stands down. My money is on Paul Tucker for the top job, but that is simple supposition not inside knowledge.
A tougher call is the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Many thought the job would go to the wonderful John Sentamu, the Ugandan born archbishop of york, who I occasionally see on the train and who is a wise church leader. But I have a sneaking suspicion he may be pipped by a northern outsider in the form of the Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby, who is well known in the north east.
A recent profile of him is here:
It should be a very interesting few weeks.

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