Saturday, 27 October 2012

Regional Conference

Today we held our Regional Conference of the Conservative Party down in Durham. It was great to see so many local enthusiastic activists coming together to discuss ideas, policy and plans for the future.

We are really shaping up into election mode with big elections next year in Durham and my patch in Northumberland as well as in North Tyneside for our excellent incumbent Conservative Mayor Linda Arkley.

Being in Government always makes local elections harder (as the Liberals have discovered!) but often such elections come down to three simple things; the best candidate, the best organisation, and the best campaign.

I am pleased to say in my patch we have hardworking local candidates who have already been working hard for months. I hope to see us pick up at least a few extra seats and I am looking forward to continuing to campaign hard with those local candidates right up until polling day next year.

Below is the latest leaflet from our excellent candidate in Hexham West, Colin Cessford, a former Ambulance Driver and Director of the North East Ambulance Service. The incumbent Lib Dem Councillor has a majority of just 250.

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