Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tynedale Point to Point

Guy Opperman riding Lowlander
What a day! For a long time I had agreed to ride in the local point to point, which is run at Downhills; this is walking distance from where I live in Aydon. A big crowd turned out. Fortunately we were in the first. Lowlander is a big rangy bay with a sweet nature and a love of life; however, he has been below form for 2 years, with ulcers and all manner of horsey ailments. Tim Read has done a great job getting him fit and well and he won best turned out in the paddock. For myself I made the weight and felt nervous as kitten beforehand: I have ridden many times but not before such a crowd as this.
We jumped off handy and missed the first, but after that we got into a great rhythm. We took the lead on the second circuit and were never headed.

Guy Opperman and Lowlander in the winners enclosure
After the race Richard Dodd had great fun as the announcer for the prize giving and there were smiles all round. Sushi [Lowlanders stable name] was fine although he had lost 2 shoes!

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